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So, on the live journal 'home' page I saw a question under the writer's block section. "How did you spend your summers as a kid?" I think this is a wonderful question for me to write about.

Instead of giving one example of this let me give you a timeline.. I tend to gauge my time in places I lived instead of actual years.
So let's check it out...

I first remember back in Michigan, couldn't have been older than 4. My grandfather who was the only male parental figure I've had, would hang out with me during the summer. we'd go on rides around our backyard on his quad. We'd chill it with some mickey mouse popsicles and hang out. He was a sweet dude to hang out wit during the summer

Then we moved to Farmington Hills Michigan. I had a friend. His name was jason. We'd spend our time running around the apartment complex being straight up hooligans. nothing too special here. Oh.. except for the creek that was outside my apartment.. We'd run down this hill and watch and listen to the creek.

Moved to Scottsdale Arizona... No summer here.

Moved to Fountain hills arizona in second grade. Since I was a new kid and was only in class for two weeks before summer started what I did that summer was stay at home and watch channel six. We only had 12 channels on our ghetto-ass old tv.. yeah it had a dial-knob.

Third grade... still in the Qual Run apartments. Around this time I would spend my summer with Corey. Corey was a Bad Ass.. He was like two years older than me but I was still cool enough to hang out with him. We would rollerblade and be badasses.. we would hang out in a neat wash area that was behind the qual run apartments.

Summer after fourth grade was pretty close to the same thing... but less time with Corey and more time by myself.

Now this trend seemed to continue for a while... and then I moved.

Now I moved to Cave Creek for a while and during this time Bryan and I would alternate weekends since it was a 30 mile gap between us. We pretty much played video games and tried to shoot movies on my little 8mm camera. We did end up going to California and had a sweet as shit time there. That was fun. In between the weekends though were pretty dull.. I tried to find locals to hang out with but they all sucked it hard. Middle school was a bad period of time.

SPent the summer after 8th grade (post summer school) with Robbie and his new friends that he made in fountain hills quite often. We both lived far a way from Fountain Hills.. he lived closer so I'd hang out at his house and we'd find a way to get to fountain hills and hang out at the park.

Moved home for highschool. Really just hanging out.. mostly by myself (but on the internets)

Post highschool: the most exciting summer of them all. What happened is.. in the alst stretch of highschool I tried to nudge my way back into the social scene. I did well I thought.. but in reality I just reestablished a couple old friendships. This summer has been pure nuts. I've been doing a lot of nothing but atleast it's a lot of nothing with a couple friends. I wonder if this summer is trying to make up for all the shitty summers I've had these past four years. I've been out nearly every other night.
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