tooweak2beacure (tooweak2beacure) wrote,

tasha. I owe you so much. you're so caring. sometimes it makes me wonder how you can be so special. then it dawned on me today while we were driving up palisades coming home to watch movies... the secret to being happy is to find someone with a little bit of god in them. not necessarily a godly human being. but someone with godlike traits. someone like you. you're so nuturing, selfless, loving person if ever met. i want so badly to hold you tight with both arms. lay cozy wrapped up in you. i can't believe where this road we've taken has led us. La Tasha Rae Butler-Barnett, i am so happy i found you. i swear this isn't just bullshit. you're a glowing angel with a halo casting a light bright enough to light up this god forsaken town. casting a shadow so dark over everyone else i can't help but to overlook them. no one else can catch my eye the way you do, and no one can catch my heart the way your soul caught mine. little miss sunshine keep shining girl.
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