tooweak2beacure (tooweak2beacure) wrote,

tasha. I owe you so much. you're so caring. sometimes it makes me wonder how you can be so special. then it dawned on me today while we were driving up palisades coming home to watch movies... the secret to being happy is to find someone with a little bit of god in them. not necessarily a godly human being. but someone with godlike traits. someone like you. you're so nuturing, selfless, loving person if ever met. i want so badly to hold you tight with both arms. lay cozy wrapped up in you. i can't believe where this road we've taken has led us. La Tasha Rae Butler-Barnett, i am so happy i found you. i swear this isn't just bullshit. you're a glowing angel with a halo casting a light bright enough to light up this god forsaken town. casting a shadow so dark over everyone else i can't help but to overlook them. no one else can catch my eye the way you do, and no one can catch my heart the way your soul caught mine. little miss sunshine keep shining girl.
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Dave E baby, you make me shine. YOU bring out the good stuff in me. My love and passion for you is never ending, and always overfilling. Your being captivates me.

Remember when I told you I looked up to my Grandparents and how their relationship is? They've been together like 50 or so years and they're still more in love than ever. They have a relationship built strong and brought up stronger each day by God. I want to be like that. I want to grow old with you and smile upon all those photo albums of our lives we made together. I wanna be that cute old couple that young ones look to as idols as they walk down the street, or out to their car hand in hand.

I'm really proud of you, for everything you are and everything you're wanting to become. I'm also proud of everything you're not. Just when I think I couldn't love you any more than I already do, you blow my mind even further. You're smart, kind, caring, HILARIOUS, awesome in every way possible. You have great style and personality. You care for me in ways I never thought would happen outside movies. You make me feel like I'm the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. That being MYSELF is good enough. You always know how to make me smile.

Tonight we shared our cigarette together. This is one big step for us to take individually and as a couple. This step will strengthen our relationship as well as our bodies and minds. By doing this, I started thinking about how strong our relationship is.... In my opinion, we can make it through almost anything! And that makes me feel.....very...calm. Calm to know that I can completely trust in you. Calm to know, that we can count on each other, learn from each other, laugh with each other etc. I haven't felt that.....almost ever!

ALRIGHT. I know that you're sitting across the room...FREAKING out cause you wanna know what the hell I'm typing. I could continue with like a million more paragraphs about you and I, but I just won't do that to you.

I love you David Barnett.
With my whole entire being,
Through thick and thin.

<3 Miss Future Barnett, Tasha
Dear Tasha,

Fuck you.
lol wut?
understanding, soothing, giddy, the best dancer I've ever seen. for reals.....